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Adding endurance and mobility to your ACE12 Induction Heater

Add more flexibility to your ACE12 together with the NIX3 cooling unit. The combination of ACE12 and NIX3 lets you do heating jobs where tap water is scarce or if you simply want a faster and more agile induction unit. This combination unit covers the heating needs for both mechanic workshops and auto repairs as well as construction sites and even scaffolding.

Article Number: 507003

NIX3 is creating a mobile high performance unit with your ACE12
NIX3 is a high-quality cooling unit for professional users with high demand for mobility and long run times. To save floor space the NIX3 can easily be stored under a workbench and thanks to its low weight, smart swivel wheels and ergonomic front handle its easy to move around. Featuring a 20 liters water tank, high-efficiency radiator and an array of 4 fans in a sturdy and mobile package the NIX3 is an optimal cooling unit for the ACE12. The design guarantees reliable performance and run times of up to 15 minutes before needing to cool down.

Taking advantage of the flexibility of the ACE12 you can either run it on the workshop floor together with the NIX3 or connect it to any water source for longer jobs. When long run times are needed, just connect the ACE12 directly to tap water or any other water source and you can keep going. You still have the possibility of easily detaching the ACE12 to go out onto a site or maybe up on scaffolding. The NIX3 will support the water cooling of the ACE12 at a distance of 25 meters from the NIX3 or even when you are working 25 meters up in the air.

No installation needed – just “plug and heat
Like all Alesco products, we take pride in developing products that are easy to use and don’t require special installation procedures. The NIX 3 comes already filled with a cooling agent and is prepared to get into action directly. No installation or lengthy manuals are needed.
The ACE12 fits perfect onto the NIX3. Just connect the two water connections with the attached quick connectors. Since the NIX3 also powers the ACE12 you only need one EU standard 400V/16A outlet to power both of the units.

Stay safe at all times
Designing safe machines that help you create a safe working environment is a core functionality at Alesco.

Suggested accessories

Additional information

Mains supply:

400V / 16A 50-60Hz




(LxWxH) 75x36x71 cm


80 kg (excl. handle)

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