One of our main goals at Alesco is to replace the open flame in workshops around the world. This will help create not only a safer work environment, but also a more efficient and time saving way to loosen those stuck bolts.

”One of the most giving part when I speak to our customers is them telling how our induction heaters has changed their work environment to the better, by being a safer alternative to gas and open flames when taking apart metal parts.”

Camilla Market & Sales Manager | TEAM ALESCO

Create a clean and safe working environment

There are many safety benefits to heating by induction as there are no open flames, gas or other types of external heat sources that require additional safety measures. This means that no oxygen is consumed and that no vapors, fumes or waste are generated through the process. The heat will always be limited to the part you are heating on, which further improves user-friendliness and safety. The lack of direct contact between the heat source and the workpiece prevents corrosion and contamination. This increased precision also means that there is less internal residual stress in the materials. The inductor only heats metals, so you can safely and easily use induction around rubber, plastic, wood and glass.

Working with induction is different than working with an open flame, because the heat is immediately created deep inside the part you are heating. The induction creates an immediate difference in temperature between the different parts of the joint, which leads to movement that “breaks” the bond and reduces the torque required to release the joint.

Save time and energy

The use of inductive heating tools offers very fast, accurate and energy efficient heating. It is also a gentle process compared to an open flame and you save time because you do not have to disassemble heat-sensitive parts or wait for the tool to heat up – As soon as you switch on the power, the heating starts via high-frequency magnetic fields. Since the heat is generated in the workpiece itself, no energy is lost during transport.

Our machines are portable and easy to move around, this makes it easy to use induction heat almost anywhere, the method for the heat production itself means that the power can be turned off as soon as the work is done. This not only means that you save both time and money, but also that the environmental impact is reduced.

Our machines make your job easier, faster and safer! Take a look around our website, we have several different induction heaters and accessories that suit different types of workshops, depending on what your workshop specializes in. On our social media channels, you will find more pictures and videos that demonstrates how an induction heater can be useful for you and your colleagues.

“If your workshop has an Induction Heater, you can reduce the number of sick leaves at your workplace! Common injuries to the shoulders and back as well as crush injuries can be avoided by letting the induction heat do the heaviest job for you, when you need to loosen something that is stuck. Alesco Induction heaters are water-cooled. This means that your tool is always cold, and that you can put the tool away without having to think about the risk of fire. ”

Andreas Application Engineer | TEAM ALESCO

When our customers talk about the usefulness of the induction heater, they usually use words like : time-saving, no open flame, better working environment, less fumes when heating painted parts, immediate expansion of the joint, etc.

According to a review done by the Swedish Work Environment Authority during 2021 severe shortcomings was discovered in 6 out of 10 car workshops.
Read more news about Work Environment on their website HERE



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