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ACE 12

ACE12 is a 12-kW portable induction heater, to be used in workshops, maintenance and production facilities. 
The unit requires an external water supply and can be connected to almost any water source, or to the optional NIX4 cooling unit. 

Minimum requirement for external water source is a max temp of 40°C, and a minimum flow rate of 4 litres/minute.


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NIX4 is a 4-Kw cooling unit designed for use with the ACE-platform. The built-in pump circuit allows you to place your ACE up to 50m from the cooler.

The refrigerating gas used in NIX, R134A has a low global warming potential and a minimum impact on Alescos environmental footprint.

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The A80 is a 3,7 Kw portable induction heater. The A80 has been designed and built for everyday use in vehicle workshops, machine and plant engineering, in fitting and installation companies, metal construction, and maintenance.

There are a number of accessories available for the A80 such as a floor stand with additional water cooling and other heating tips.