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A digital presence has become more and more important, especially during the pandemic. An example of a company that has embraced this way of thinking, which also can be applied to workshops and car dealers, is Alesco that sell equipment for workshops.


Hi there, Camilla Hellohf, Marketing Manager at Alesco. What is Alesco and what do you do? 
For more than 20 years, we have developed and sold induction heaters. One of our main goals is to replace the open flame in mechanical workshops and thereby create a safer work environment and help workshops to be more efficient. Our customer span ranges from small vehicle workshops to large, global industrial brands in production and maintenance.
You have recently launched a new website, tell us about it! 
Our entire sales concept with exhibitions and customer visits has been completely overturned by the pandemic. No trade fairs, we are prohibited to travel, and our concept with sales through distributors is no longer something we can rely on, since they are as prohibited to visit their customers as we are. The future looked dark, and we realized we had to do something. Our solution was to transfer our physical presence to a digital one. We launched a web shop in English, targeted end users instead of distributors, and are soon available in Swedish. We also set up a photo and film studio where we show potential customers how our products work via video call with one of our product specialists. Our goal is to show off our induction heaters and give an idea of how they work, despite restrictions and travel bans.
Is it important to be digital today?
For businesses like ours, that are based on relations, and with products that do not sell well out of a catalogue, we believe that personal, digital presence and easy access to the products we supply are extremely important. Our business is built around physical presence at customers around the world and at trade fairs, these possibilities are now closed, and no one knows what the world will look like when this is over. Many companies will not survive the pandemic, and our digital investment is a way for us to tell the market that we stand strong and are adjusting to the world situation.

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