A great idea in progress

As a pioneer within mobile induction heating, Alesco Int. AB is one of the leading companies in the industry. We have during the last 20 years developed into the technology leader and trendsetter of the industry with our innovative products and uncompromising quality.

We have the highest demands on our products. They are developed, manufactured and delivered according to the strictest quality standards. Specially trained employees monitor the production to secure our quality criteria in every phase of the production process. Our supplying factories are certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and our manufacturing is consistent with REACH and RoHS guidelines.

Our customers range from small automotive workshops to large global industrial brands in production and maintenance. Our products are used in mines on Svalbard, in mobile solutions in the Sahara, in various metal fabrication processes such as alignment as well as post and preheating when welding.

We are constantly seeking local representation around the globe. If you believe our product range and knowledge would be an asset to your company, please send an email to sales@alesco.se, and we will connect back with you.


2020 was as we all know a very different year with more or less no traveling or exhibitions. Instead we used time and effort to increase our product range and set up a new website together with a webshop focusing on digital marketing and sales.
For example the new Inter 8/12 although with a retro look referring to Alescos previous models is packed with new technology.
Our challenge for 2021 will be to digitalize our marketing and creating busines without losing our personal touch.

Moving forward into 2020 and onwards Alescos sales team is committed to continue supporting the Automotive aftermarket with our innovate products. Additional industrial sectors such as metal fabrication and industrial maintenance will also be spotlighted by our sales team.



New products

We gathered all our experience from the previous 20+ years to create a new platform with full mobility and a high-tech profile – the ACE-series is born.


Alesco is exhibiting at SEMA SHOW in Las Vegas for the first time, and is now taking the step over to the US market.


At Automechanika in Frankfurt, the new ACE platform is being presented as one of the upcoming news for 2019.




Alesco’s production moves from Växjö, Sweden to Tallin, Estonia where the machines are now being built. Here they are also tested and packed before being shipped to our warehouse in Sweden, located nearby the development and sales facility.


A special version of the A4000 was developed in collaboration with ABB Transformers in Ludvika, Sweden. The IS4000 is used for brazing conductors in large grid transformers.





Sales and service are taken over by Lidköping Carpart, who becomes the main distributor in Sweden.


A80 – a real bestseller sold in the 1000s worldwide.




New generation

A whole new generation of machines is presented; The A800, A1200 and A4000 cover most needs in the market. The A4000 becomes popular with customers with heavy construction vehicles.

Busses and trucks

The A700 is launched with a focus on bus workshops, but is also becoming popular with trucking companies.





The A500 was introduced as our first Induction Heater aimed to car workshops. 


A1000 is presented. Alesco is already focusing on mobility by developing a small portable machine.




car repair

The A3000 sets a new standard in truck and heavy vehicle workshops.

truck workshops

The first mobile induction heater A2000 is developed for Josam and truck workshops.





Alesco founded

Alesco was founded in 1998 by Neil Mc Cartney who developed a mobile induction heater, to replace the open flame in mechanical workshops.

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