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About us

Alesco was founded in 1998 as a development company by Neil Mc Cartney as he had a vision of developing mobile induction heaters that would replace the open flame in mechanical workshops. Alesco has become a global brand and today you can find our induction heaters in 25 markets.

Our induction heaters can be used in a variety of areas however as of right now our four main market segments are:

  • Bodywork and De-bonding
  • Car workshops and Wheel alignment
  • Trucks and Trailers
  • Other heavy vehicles

In addition to our main fields of application we have induction heaters that are being used daily in mines, in the deserts of Sahara, at airports and in workshops used by our Armed Forces. The common areas of use is to straighten frames as well as loosening nuts and bolts.

Here at Alesco we only work with induction which means that we have a lot of knowledge and professional skills within the area. We are proud to say that induction heating is what we know best!