Induction Heating

Induction heating is a contact-free method that can be used to heat metals. The induction heater creates an alternating magnetic field that generates eddy currents inside the material. It is these eddy currents that generates the heat.


With induction, there is much talk about the induction heater’s power. But the power is only one of three important parameters. The other two are the surface across which the power is produced and the frequency. The power per unit area is a very important ratio where the inductor itself is completely crucial for achieving a high power density. In this area, Alesco are world leaders.

The last factor, the frequency, is always a compromise. In principle, the lower the frequency, the deeper the magnetic penetration into the material. In other words, at low frequencies the heat is generated deeper inside the material. So induction heaters with higher frequencies heat up the surface more. Alesco’s 3-phase models work in the frequency range 15-18 kHz.


The main area of usage for induction heaters is for releasing screwed joints and for straightening frames and axles. However, there are many other areas of use for our induction heaters as one for example can release glued parts such as windows, decals, rubber strips etc.

Induction is quite different from using an open flame as the heating is both fast and gentle. When using an open flame to undo a screwed joint the open flame heats the outer surface which causes it to expand. With induction, an immediate difference in temperature is created between the various parts of the joint, causing movement and “breaking” the joint. This means that one can just heat up the screw to achieve a “movement” which in turn reduces the torque necessary to release the joint.

With our machines your job becomes easier! Please take a look around our website, you will find photos and videos that will show how an induction heater can be useful for you.